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Message from Reverend Sarah Walsh (Rector of Dickleburgh and the Pulhams)

14th April 2020

Keep safe and better days will come.

Usually during May there are many outside social events such as garden parties, fetes, barbeques, cream teas and many other things. However sadly due to the impact of coronavirus this year everything has been cancelled. The last couple of months then have seen a sudden dramatic change in the way we live our lives and we are not able to enjoy these things, as we would ordinarily do. All of us are in a position of learning how to live within the constraints of social distancing which at times is really hard. Although it is not the same as seeing people face to face I have personally been grateful for being able to telephone people, using the Internet and also learning how to use the computer conferencing programme zoom. Not seeing people personally or being able to worship in our churches is sad but we have to keep hopeful in this terrible situation, as it won’t go on forever.

2020 has not been good for many especially for those grieving loved ones and those still suffering from the effects of the virus. Where then is God in the midst of all of this? That is a difficult question to answer completely as God’s activity often surpasses all of our human understanding. However the fullness of God was expressed most fully through the person of Jesus who showed us through His actions, teaching, passion, death and resurrection God’s generous love. As Christians we believe that God lives in each one of us through the Holy Spirit and it does not take long to see how active it is. It can then be seen through the many acts of kindness that have been shown to so many through this crisis. These range from practical help of ensuring everyone has enough to eat, to acts of remembering people on special days with small bunches of flowers left at the door on Mothering Sunday. It is too quite marvelous too to see how dedicated and committed all medical professionals have been during this period who have worked so hard and selflessly for the well being of others.

The world has had much to learn from this particular pandemic and for many it has given insights into how valuable family, friendships and community really are. Many of us at this moment are not able to mix socially as we usually do but one hopes and prays that this will not be for much longer. I am writing this the day after the broadcast that the Queen made on April 5th. Her speech I found very inspirational as she encouraged us to continue to keep safe and better days will come. I am hoping that by the time you read this in early May we may be able to see a brighter future ahead of us, the virus be better contained and all of us are able to get back to a more normal way of living.

May God bless you during this very difficult period and keep you and all those whom you love safe and healthy. Please too be assured of my thoughts and prayers for you all and if you need to talk then please do not hesitate to give me or another member of the ministry team a call.

The Reverend Sarah Walsh (Rector of Dickleburgh and the Pulhams)

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