In the heart of Waveney Valley

Free Webinars – Scams, Psychology behind Scams and how a fraud case is investigated.

29th June 2021

These course are run by the Neighbourhood Watch Network and are open to anyone is interested in learning more about these subjects.

6th July, 5pm – Exploring the psychology behind scams and how scammers are so effective at their crimes.
14th July, 5pm – Insights into how a fraud case is investigated and how not to be the next victim.
23rd July , 5pm – Scams awareness training from the Friends Against Scams initiative.
30th July 5pm – Don’t get hooked by scammers! What you need to know about flubot and phishing scams.

To book a place go to and click on any of the webinars you wish to attend, to register.

Anyone interested in joining ‘Pulham Market Neighbourhood Watch’ should contact John Collard on 01379 676202

Last modified: 29th June 2021

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